Welcome to the Open Road!
I’m Jill.

As a coach and teacher, I’ve helped hundreds of service-oriented leaders like you get through burnout and confusion to find new perspective, hope and practical solutions.

If you have a strong calling to be of service in the world as I do, sometimes you get discouraged. The critical voice in your head says “you have to sacrifice to really be of service” (Ugh.) And then you end up feeling worn down, disconnected, even hopeless.

If it goes on long enough you’ll lose your confidence, important relationships will begin to fray, and you’ll even get sick.

You know you need to find
a better way of being

in service. I can help.

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I work one on one with nonprofit leaders, teachers, health and public sector employees like you to

  • help you remember your sense of purpose
  • realign your personal and professional lifestyle with your purpose and your needs and
  • make the tough choices you’ve been putting off for too long.

If you’re ready to get out of that dead-end, find out how I can help.

See if you’d think we’d be a good fit.