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2013 June

Nuisance or Miracle?

tent_caterpillarI believe that creatures embody and show us deep wisdom about the world. In their physical beauty, intricacy and behavior, they are always offering new perspectives and opportunities for joy and gratitude.

To see creatures in this new way, sometimes you have to blur your vision a little. You know the way you see a baby, or a child you love, through the eyes of love the minute they appear in your mind or in your presence?

With creatures, sometimes it takes some practice to see them this way, especially if you are used to seeing them through ego eyes. For example, tent caterpillars. Here in the west, we generally consider them to be a great nuisance. If you’re a gardener or just want your trees to have leaves, tent caterpillars, in their great abundance and desperate hunger, are easily seen as the enemy.
When you blur your eyes with love a little, however, you may notice that they are fuzzy and


golden and curl their bodies gracefully when on the move. And they are the occasion for major celebration for robins, who feast on them with delight. Maybe this moth-face close-up will help you with the “love eyes.”

To help transform your frustration to delight, consider what tent caterpillars are capable of:

In early spring they hatch from eggs in a silken tent built to catch the morning sun. They “expand” the tent as they grow, and leave during the day to forage, returning to the tent in cooler temperatures and at night. In about a month, the caterpillars find a sheltered spot to weave a cocoon from their bodies, and in about two weeks emerge as a beautiful golden moth.

So, in six weeks they go from worm to wings.

What else are you seeing as a nuisance that could be a miracle, if you can blur your eyes a little?